30 Day Prosperity Course

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  • Daily Inspirational Audio to start your day off right, learning how to align with universal laws

  • Daily Prosperity Coaching video to unleash your wealth mindset and infinite innovator within

  • Daily Guided Meditation to expand your consciousness and visualize a prosperous life

  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group for support and a loving community

  • Daily Challenge posted in the facebook group with comments and conversation

  • Money Worksheet to help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs

  • Bonus: How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Video!


“Before the programme began I realised I was sabotaging my own success with my thoughts and views around money. I began this course believe it would help this area, what I’ve found is that is has helped not only my thoughts around money but so much more than that. I’ve had a lot of breakthroughs and realizations during the course, one massive breakthrough that is at the forefront of my mind was in the area of my own self belief and esteem, I’m on a long journey with this area of my life, but what I’d never reflected was how my words towards myself were so unauthentic and against my core values and the messages I was trying to live by. I’ve recognised how much more authentic towards myself I need to be. Having come into this expecting to just learn about money it’s given me so much more. It’s helped me bring routine into my days again. I’ve learnt a lot more about myself during this course than I ever thought I was going to & I know this is going to help me and my business so much moving forward. Erin’s wealth of knowledge, wisdom and guidance has really helped me to find bits of myself I’d lost and connect me with my passion to help others again. I know i have a journey ahead of me although this experience of working with Erin has helped me on my way. I am learning more and more every day through this program and feel so grateful to have come across Erin and her program.”

Megan Anderson

“I’ve told SO many people about this program. I love how it builds and empowers to take action. Plus, I love how deep you take it — such a great combination of spirit, action, and embodying without limitations.”

Mary Elizabeth - Top YouTuber

“I’m absolutely loving it! The way Erin explains everything is very simple for me to understand. I was lacking prosperity and now I know why. This has massively helped me and I highly recommend this course!”

Gemma Russell

“I highly recommend this 30 Day Prosperity program to all of my friends, especially those of you in Unity and CSL. I am currently going through the program and have had a tremendous, spiritually charged month! The program is centered on the spiritual laws that empower life and the teacher, Erin Fall Haskell, is a radiant, knowledgeable guide who knows and live these laws. I have had breakthroughs that have put me more firmly on my path than I ever would have imagined and I have gained a network of spiritually charged friends. This introductory is less than $1/ day and is worth so much more. After this month, the cost will be going up, I hope quite a bit because it’s worth it! I will be going through it again this month. I welcome all my friends to join me!”

Rick Youmans

“I am so grateful! 30-Day Prosperity is powerful! It’s a life changing program that really had a huge impact on my life. It unlocked all areas of my life so prosperity and abundance could flow. I strongly recommend and insist that everybody takes this program!”

Evi Nikolovgeni - Owner AloeSpot

“Erin’s extraordinary coaching transformed my life within a few sessions. Her experience and knowledge in both business as well as the spiritual realm along with her remarkable ability to listen, understand and provide ideas, have added years to my life. Through working with Erin I have drastically increased my productive output, gained clarity in my personal and professional journeys and significantly reduced stress. Erin’s work has had a deep impact in my day to day life. Thank you Erin.”

Ruben Torres - Financial Advisor, USB Financial Services

“Erin Fall Haskell will transform your life with her wisdom and leadership, about finding yourself, connecting with others and living a fulfilled life.”

Liz Lira - World Salsa Dance Champion

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30 Day Prosperity Course $29.95 USD
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Due Now $29.95 USD

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